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编辑日期:2015-4-27  作者:政教处    阅读次数: 次  [ 关 闭 ]

          A trip to Hanshan and Hexian


  The day of our trip to Hanshan and Hexian finally arrived. How excited we were!

  On April 1, we started from the school gate at 8:00  and went on our school trip. On the way, we sang and ate happily. We also watched the beautiful views through the window and chatted with each other. It took us about one hour to get to Hanshan Museum by coach. When we arrived, we couldn’t wait to get off the coach. In Hanshan Museum, we saw many ancient things. The guides were kind and patient. They told us a lot about the history of Hanshan. We were lucky to see some rare things. Then we went to the King Temple. We ate lunch on the grass in the King Temple. It was funny. Finally, we climbed Mount Xiliang. When we arrived at the top of the mountain, we were all tired, but we were happy.

  We enjoyed this trip very much and I hope I can visit them again some day. We will never forget the pleasant experience.

                                    Yao Yuan



  The teacher’s comment:

  This is a good writing of the student. The student can use the language he learned fluently. From the passage, we can enjoy the beautiful views and we can also learn more about Hanshan and Hexian. The student can use English well to express what he saw and what he did. In order to encourage more students to use the language they learned, I will recommend this passage to you. I hope it can give more students the confidence to learn English well.

                                       Zou Hua

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